Ludos' first blockchain game "CRASH" let you earn while playing with new gameplay method.

Ludos 2019-03-20 14:03

Ludos, was founded in August 2017, has been invested by star institutions such as Softbank, Collinstar Capital, and DU Capital, dedicates to create a new global game ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Ludos ecosystem is open to gamers, investors and gamers worldwide. Participants contribute value to promote the evolution of the global game industry 2.0 and the application of blockchain technology in the Ludos ecosystem. Game developers can announce game creations on the Ludos platform and get early game development funding, and developers supported by lot of users can easily develop and distribute their own games in the Ludos ecosystem. Ludos is committed to providing a complete blockchain environment where every developer can grow, develop and succeed. Ludos platform is based on the principles of fairness, justice and openness to ensure the your benefits


Ludos launched its first online game "CRASH", on March 18, 2019, and it will ignite the enthusiasm of Ludos players. The Ludgame platform is fast-speed, supports multiple concurrency, secures assets, and we value​the user experience. Players can log into the PC-side web-page or copy the URL to the mobile browser to enter the game.


Under the premise of ensuring fairness of the game, the "CRASH" game protects the game results through the blockchain password, which can be analyzed and reviewed by anyone at any time to eliminate the possibility of fraud and unfairness. With lightning speed and network capacity, the "CRASH" game has successfully tested more than 100,000 transactions per second in a three-second period and supports a large number of transactions, and allowed massive users to simultaneously play real-time interactive games. During the game, players have the opportunity to receive rich digital asset rewards. The Ludgame platform will release generous rewards and encourage LUD token holders to invite new players to participate.


The Ludgame platform has a strong research and development team, and one of the developer, Mr. Meng Xueshi was the R&D leader of the popular Japanese game "LoveLive". He has many years of experience in the game industry, moreover Ludos' underlying blockchain R&D team escorted the Ludgame gaming platform in the United States.


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Crashout Interface



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What is a "CRASH"?

CRASH is an online multiplayer blockchain guessing game that made as an increasing curve that may crash at any time.


How to play "CRASH"?

Before the game starts, you have 6 seconds to place your bet. After the game starts, the multiplier will get higher and higher starting from 1X.


You can click on "Cash Out" at any time to lock in the current multiplier, and your payoff will be your bets times the current multiplier.


The longer you stay in the game, the higher payoff you will get. Please be noted, however, that the curve may crash at any moment. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you will lose all your bets.


Are you going to cash out at 1.01x, or are you going to stay until 100x、1000x、10000x...? It’s all your call – which has to be made in a split of a second! (This game is not for the weak-hearted).


The specific gameplay of "CRASH" can refer to the video introduction of the FAQ module.


Is The Game Fair?

We are a fair and impartial prediction and guessing platform. Our goal is to eliminate all unfair factors and make players feel comfortable and have fun. 


We have generated a total of 10 million hashes (the generation chain is verifiable), and each hash corresponds to a curve crash multiplier.


We release these 10 million numbers in reverse order, each corresponding to one turn of the game (i.e. we have 10 million turns in total). 


In other words, the crash number of each turn already exists and is not calculated after the game starts. Players can therefore place their bet without concern.


"CRASH" for the first time to open the universal proxy model

In order to provide players a better gaming experience, it is the first time for Ludos to tried to open the universal proxy mode to maximize player revenue.


See “Universal Proxy” model on the Ludgame gaming platform for more details.





"CRASH" commission extraction rule


We take 25% bet amount from 1% of user’s investment as the platform revenue, and we take 40% of the platform’s revenue is given to the agent as commission.


The Ludgame gaming platform is about to open a new chapter in the Ludos gaming ecosystem with its excellent product design and gaming experience. Although gambling DAPP is not a traditional killer application, its huge market and commercial value are undeniable. As a decentralized game platform combining profit and performance, Ludgame is clearly at the forefront of the blockchain gaming.


The "CRASH" launched by Ludos will inject fresh blood into the Ludos community, and for those who are looking forward to the Ludos gaming platform, enjoy us on Ludgame gaming platform!