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11月13日,OVR的COO Diego Di Tommaso做客深链财经线上沙龙,围绕“跨空间域名NFT,OVR如何打造虚拟世界通往现实的桥梁?”这一主题进行分享。以下为分享实录,深链财经整理。


Diego Di Tommaso毕业于美国加州大学洛杉矶分校,主修金融专业,并在SDA Bocconi商学院获得理论哲学和工商管理硕士学位。Diego在创新管理方面拥有广泛的专业知识。他在时尚行业工作了10多年,担任过CEO等重要职位。

Diego Di Tommaso graduated from University of California——Los Angeles with a major in finance and obtained a master's degree in theoretical philosophy and BUSINESS Administration from SDA Bocconi School of Business. Diego has extensive expertise in innovation management. He worked in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, taking on increasing responsibilities until he became CEO.


Recently worked with PWC(price water house coopers) as a senior consultant dedicated to strategy, open innovation, operational excellence and internationalization. Diego is also an entrepreneurship consultant and co-founder of the Unicorn Trainers Club, a club that focuses on new technologies and entrepreneurship support. Since 2014, Diego has developed a special interest in blockchain and decentralized consensus mechanism, and he has been the keynote speaker and organizer of several blockchain events.


想象一下我们的世界, 这里有1.6万亿个与之重叠的数字土地作为NFT存在于区块链中。想象一下,一种建立在全球数字地产之上的全新的AR生态系统。想象一下你可以通过你的手机来探索这个全新的世界。 OVR就是一个去中心化的AR体验平台。

Imagine to rethink our world overlaid by 1.6 trillions of digital lands that live inside a Blockchain as NFTs. Imagine a new Augmented Reality eco-system based on this global digital Real Estate. Imagine that you can Explore this new world with the Smartphone you have in your pockets. OVR is a decentralized platform for geolocalized AR.

我们先来明确一下VR和AR技术的区别。体验VR,你通常需要一副不便宜的VR眼镜,而体验AR,你可以仅仅使用你现在的智能手机。VR会将你放置在一个完全幻想的世界里,而AR体验是旨在将现实世界与虚拟世界相融合。为了给大家一个具象一点的概念来说明这两种技术的潜力比较,只需要对比一下全球8千万VR眼镜设备, 和35亿可以完成AR体验的智能手机。

What’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? For VR you need an expensive and not broadly adopted headset, While you can experience AR with the smartphone you all have in your poket. VR puts you in a completely imaginary world, AR mixes virtual and real world together. To give you an idea of the potential of AR vs VR just think at tis two numbers, 80 Mln VR Headsets VS 3.5 Bln smartphones capable of delivering AR experiences.

你可能已经听说过像Decentraland这样的成功案例。Decentraland也是将土地作为NFTs概念的项目,OVR土地本身也是NFT。 但我们有本质的区别在于:Decentraland是一个完整的虚拟世界,而每一块OVR土地都代表着一个真实的地理位置。每一块OVR土地代表着这个真实世界里300平方米的一片区域。

You probably heard about the success of Decentraland. OVR is similar in the sense that as decentraland we have land that is represented by NFTs but is also very different since while Decentraland NFTs represents a totally virtual world, in OVR OVRLand represent real geographic locations. Each OVRLand represents a plot of 300 Sqm mapped to the real world.

OVR土地可以理解为一个空间性的域名。就像在某个网站上发表任何内容,你首先需要拥有这个网络域名,同样的道理,你必须拥有一个空间性的域名(即OVR土地 NFT),才有权利决定在这个域名里发表的AR内容。 想象一下如果你拥有纽约时代广场那里的OVR土地,你有权控制在那一片黄金地带人们将看到的AR体验(广告等等)。

OVRLand NFT is a spatial domain. Just like in the web you need to own a web domain to publish some content over it, in OVR you need to own a spatial domain (OVRLAnd NFT) to publish AR content over it. Imagine you buy times square in New York, you will be able to control what augmented reality experiences people will see over there!

为什么现在要投资OVR和OVR的技术?因为今天我们正好站在了AR这项技术的转折点上,你的智能手机的价格已经不再那么昂贵,并且硬件已经足够支持AR体验。现在在这个市场里还没有一个领头的平台或公司, 在碎片化的市场里OVR很容易成为全球AR平台中的领军人物。最重要的是,AR市场的潜力巨大。在过去的5年,AR市场以每年90%的增长速度在迅速扩张,而新冠疫情的爆发无疑加速了这一增长。

Why investing now in OVR and it’s tecnology. Because today we’re at a technological tipping point, smartphones in your pockets are cheap but powerful enought to deliver high quality AR experiences. Because there is no real winner in this ecosystem yet, OVR can easily become the leading AR platform. And finally because the market potential is huge, AR has been growing 90% Yeor over Year for the past 5 years and Covid pandemic just accelerated this trend.

看看宝可梦GO这个超级成功的AR游戏。这款单一游戏在上市第一年共获得了一亿用户(绝大多是亚洲用户)。直到今年年底,他们预计将累计超过6亿用户。这款游戏赚了多少钱? 在2019年超过了30亿美金,而且这还只是一款单一AR游戏。

Just think about pokemon go success story, the just have one single game but were alble to get to 100 mln users just in the first year (most of them in Asia) and by the end of this year they will get to more than 600 million users. How much money did they made? More than 3 bln just in 2019, and that is just a single game!

OVR平台不仅仅覆盖了AR游戏,还可用于其他领域,例如:现场活动,展会,零售,地产,旅游业,医疗保健与教育等等。根据高盛发布的行业预测数据,OVR平台可以覆盖85%的AR应用项目。 OVR的愿景是成为世界领军的AR体验平台,可以预想这个平台具有多大的商业潜力。我们的OVR Live提供了一个全新的社交平台,将人们的虚拟社交互动提升到了一个全新的高度。

OVR platform will not only cover VideoGames but also many other use cases such as: Live Events and Retail, Real Estate, Gambling, Tourism, Healthcare and Education. Such a range of applications cover over 85% of projected AR use case categories according to a Goldman Sachs report. OVR vision is to become the leading platform for geo-referencd AR content management and fruition imagine how big is the potential. Our OVR Live provides a social platform that improves virtual communication into another level.

我们发布了第一个MVP, 目前我们也已经吸引了一些用户: 电报群拥有3.8万用户,在仅仅推广一周后建立了4个非常活跃的微信中文社群,全球累计10万次APP下载, 在我们的寻宝活动中超过5万块土地被用户发掘。

We just launced our first MVP but we already have promising early traction: over 38k users on telegram, 4 very active WeChat groups in just one week, 100k+ dowloads of our app, over 50k physical locations discovered by users of OVR treasure hunt.

在我们官网上你可以看到实时更新的宝箱发掘的地图, 可以看到全世界具体哪些地方的宝箱已经被用户打开。

Here you can see the details on the treasure discoveries of one single user, check out here https://www.ovr.ai/treasure-hunt#treasure-map for live updates.

所以,怎么买OVR土地? 我们无法为世界上每一块OVR土地去定价,所以我们让市场来决定它们的价值。 用户可以通过土地竞拍的方式来购买OVR土地。起拍价为10美元(等值的OVR), 如果你出价之后24小时内没有其他人出价高于你,那这块OVR土地就被你买到了。 每次新的出价都要在前一个出价上翻倍,这样的竞价方式会使每块土地的价格攀升非常快,从而很快到达它的真正市场价值。

So how to buy OVRLand? We could not give a price for each single OVRLand in the world – there are 1.6 trillion of those – so we will let the market decide. Users will be able to buy OVRLands with an auction, base price will be 10$ payable with OVR tokens. If in the next 24 hours nobody will make a new bid, the OVRLand is yours, if there is another bid on the same OVRLand the minimum accepted is double the preice of former bid and the 24 hours clock starts again. This will make the price grow very fast and quickly find the right market price for each land.

在土地拍卖开始的前9个月,我们会奖励使用OVR来参与竞拍的用户。 如何获得奖励? 如果你在竞拍开始的第一个月购买土地,我们会在一个月之后返还给你所花费的95%的OVR token。 如果你在第二个月购买,那一个月后我们返还给你85%,以此每月返还比例递减。 当然你也可以用其他token来购买OVR土地,例如ETH, DAI, USDT, USDC, 但是这些币种将只拥有OVR一半的购买力,并且不能享受现金返还政策。

During the first 9 months we will incentivise OVR users to buy OVRLands, how? If you buy an OVRLAnd in the first month since the launch of the IBCO will will give you back 95% of the OVR tokens you spent after one month. If you buy an OVRLand in the 2° month since the launch of the IBCO we will give you back 85% of the OVR tokens you spent after one month. And so on until the 9° month when the promotion will end. You will be able to buy OVRLands also with other tokens such as ETH, DAI, USDT, USDC but in that case your purchasing power will be ½ and you will not have cashback.

OVR token (ERC-20)的公售将在IBCO竞拍曲线上进行。 Token的价格完全取决于有多少人想购买OVR, 购买的人越多,价格越高。 IBCO公售没有预先铸造的token。在IBCO过程中,买家可以随时决定将手中的token出售卖回给曲线中。 被卖回给IBCO曲线的token将被销毁。 所有注入竞拍曲线的DAI将一直保留在曲线中以保证流动性确保投资者想要卖回token。 项目方团队每月最多能够从中提出价值5万美金的DAI。 以上所有的规则由Aragon DAO框架的智能合约来保证。

OVR tokens (ERC_20) distribution will happen with an Initial Bonding Curve Offer, IBCO. The price of tokens will not be fixed but will depend on the amount of people that will want to buy those, few people = low price, a lot of people = high price. No pre-minted tokens for public sale. If investors want to sell the tokens they will not have to wait for the end of the IBCO, they will be able to do it immediatly by selling those back to the IBCO. Tokens sold back to the IBCO will be burned increasing scarcity. DAI invested in the curve, will stay there to ensure liquidity for investors that want to exit, maximum amount of DAI that can be withdraw by the team is 50k USD monthly. All this rules are guaranteed by smart contracts of the Aragon DAO framework.

这个图中的曲线代表了IBCO的价格与供应量之间的关系。 起拍价会在0.1USD左右, 随着越来越多的人参与IBCO,价格会逐渐攀升, 当然,价格的上升会快于发行量的增长。如果在竞拍初期参与进来就能够以较低的价格拍到OVR。

The following is the shape of the curve, starting price will be around 0.1 USD for each token, the more peolple will buy the more the price will increase following an exponential curve. Price will increase faster than the amount of tokens. Partecipating early to the sale will ensure lower price.

你也可以通过IPFS节点质押来获得额外OVR收益,并且对于参与Uniswap流动性挖矿, 为OVR/ETH提供流动性的用户,我们会提供价值非常高的OVR土地 NFT作为奖励。

You will also be able to earn OVR tokens by staking those to IPFS nodes hosting AR assets. Also there will be some very high value lands that will be distributed to people partecipating to liquidity mining on Uniswap by providing liquidity to OVR/ETH pair.

所有成功创业项目的关键不在于这个想法,而在于执行这个想法,并且将一个愿景转变成真正的商业价值的团队。 所以OVR搭建了一个全部由在相关行业资深的成功企业家构成的核心团队,来实施这个伟大的商业计划。

On every startup the most important thing is not the idea but the team executing it, transforming the vision in a real business. That’s why at OVR we built a core team of senior entrepreneurs with proven trackrecord in the field and with the ability to deliver on the business plan.


Finally a team of prestigious advisors, from silicon valley to MIT and blockchain space, decided to join the forces with OVR endorsing team and the vision.

第一位战略顾问是麻省理工大学媒介研究所的创建人,也是世界上第一批相信并研究DAO(去中心化组织) 的学者;Felix是Dash Next的创始人,我们目前正在跟他协商,将DASH作为支付OVR土地的一种货币,Sean 是未来研究所的创始人之一,他一直致力于硅谷的科技研发工作,也是很多世界500强科技研发企业的战略顾问,最后一位Boggio是在网络安全领域非常重量级的人物。 他跟很多中东国家的政府和美国的大企业合作,提供网络安全技术支持。



With the continuous development of technology, augmented reality (AR) has been applied more and more in daily life. So can you give us a brief introduction of how OVR innovates on top of traditional AR?

Diego Di Tommaso:OVR利用并结合了我们的智能手机上现有的所有技术,以创建一个独特的AR/VR体验。神经网络技术可以从你的一张自拍中创建一个3d虚拟化身,计算机视觉技术可以跟踪你在空间中的动作,最后渲染引擎可以让你和你的化身沉浸在一个你可以移动并与他人联系的空间中。

OVR leverages and combines all of the technologies that today are available on our smartphones to create a unique AR/VR experience. Neural networks to create a 3d image avatar from a single selfie of your face, computer vision to track your movements in space and finally rendering engines to immerse yourself with your avatar in a space where you can move and connect with other people.


It is understood that the OVR land is based on the NFT of ERC-721. These virtual lands constitute the digital layer that subdivides the earth into many hexagons, with each OVRLand representing a specific geographical location.So how do we understand the concept of "spatial domain name NFT"?

Diego Di Tommaso:就像你拥有网站域名,谁拥有这些域名的控制权就可以发布你所想要的内容。OVRLands空间域名的是真正的地理坐标,谁拥有一个空间域将可以决定在这个地理位置可视化的AR体验内容。

Just like in the web you have the web-domains and who owns those will control the content that can be published on those, on OVR you have OVRLands that are spatial domains are refer to real geographic coordinates, who owns a spatial domain will control the AR experiences that will be visualized over it.


What is the vision of OVR with its innovative augmented reality technology?How to build "a new augmented reality ecosystem of global digital real estate based on OVR"?

Diego Di Tommaso:我们认为增强现实技术的未来将是情景化的,增强现实技术不仅不会与现实脱节,而且人们的体验将基于你将物理世界和虚拟世界合并,这个混合现实的空间就是所谓的空间网络。物理世界上的数字层将具有价值,就像房地产在热土地区具有更高价值一样。这就是为什么OVR土地的价格是由它的市场需求决定的。从10美元的基础价格开始起拍,每一个想要购买同一块虚拟土地的新竞标者加倍出价。

We see the future of AR in contexualization, AR will not only be something disconnected from reality but experiences will be tailored based on the location where you are merging physical and virtual world in what is called the Spatial Web. This digital layer over the physical world will have a value just like real estate have a value in areas with high request. That’s why the OVRLands price is determined by it’s request. Startig from 10$ as base price and doubling his price for every new bidder that wants to buy the same piece of virtual land.


How big do you think the potential market of AR will be?How does OVR fulfill the implementation of AR tech application to commercial usage?

Diego Di Tommaso:预计到2020年,AR市场的价值将超过3500亿美元,未来5年复合年增长率将达到75%。OVR平台不仅仅覆盖了AR游戏,还可用于其他领域,例如:现场活动,展会,零售,地产,旅游业,医疗保健与教育等等。根据高盛发布的行业预测数据,OVR平台可以覆盖85%的AR应用项目。

AR market is expected to have a vale of over 35 Bln in 2020 with a CAGR of 75% in the next 5 years. OVR will cover the most promising usecases for this technology such as: live events, gaming, education, tourism and real estate。


In terms of token distribution, OVR uses IBCO. What are the advantages of IBCO over other approaches?

Diego Di Tommaso:与传统的公售方式相比IBCO有几个优点,1.投资者可以立即依据IBCO进行代币买卖。2. 团队每月只能提取少量智能合约提供的流动性,为卖家提供流动性,防止典型的价格抛售导致买不到或假流动性。3. 竞拍曲线确保价格随着需求的增加而增加,因此IBCO的第一个参与者可以获得巨大的回报。4. 代币只在投资者购买时铸造,在投资者出售时销毁,这使流通市值保持平衡。

There are several advantages in compared to ICOs and IEOs, 1)investors can immediately both buy and sell to tokens to the bonding curve. 2) Liquidity is granted by smart contracts, the team can withdraw only a small amount of it each month, granting liquidity for sellers and preventing the typical price dump of ICOs caused buy lack or fake liquidity. 3) The bonding curve assures price increase with the increased demand so the first partecipants to the IBCO can have great returns. 4) token are only minted when investors buy and are destroyed when investors sell, this grants the circulating market cap to stay balanced.

深链财经:目前大家都很关心OVR的进展如何呢? 未来的计划又是怎样的呢?

How is the OVR progressing so far? What are the plans for the future?

Diego Di Tommaso:OVR在过去的两年中,我们一直致力于改进可视化软件,您可以在我们的应用程序中进行尝试,并为空间域名 OVRLands和AR体验内容构建去中心化的基础设施。下一个版本的SDK将可以让用户编辑和创建您自己的AR体验在您的虚拟土地上,还有OVR AI虚拟助手,和接下来我们将推出一个特殊的AR农场游戏!

At OVR we’ve been working for the last 2 years in refining our visualization software that you can already test in our app, and to built the decentralized infrastructure for the spatial web OVRLands and OVRContents. The next releases will be the SDK to edit and create your own AR experiences on your virtual lands, the AI virtual assistant, and a special AR farming game!